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African Star Dobet Gnahoré To Release

New Album Zouzou on June 28th

The celebrated Ivoirian singer-songwriter brings a fresh blend of rhythms and cultural influences to her latest work.

Dedicated to the children of Africa, Zouzou is the first step in the development of an orphanage project that Dobet Gnahoré is developing in her Côte d’Ivoire homeland.


CD Available Worldwide on June 28th, 2024

Dobet Gnahore - Zouzou - Sleeve.jpg

Award-winning Ivorian singer-songwriter Dobet Gnahoré is excited to announce the release on June 28th, 2024 of her highly anticipated new album, Zouzou. This captivating work presents a rich tapestry of musical traditions, combining African rhythms with modern influences and lyrical depth. Motivated by the struggles facing African children, Dobet Gnahoré, had dedicated this album to the youth that will define the future of the continent. The album serves as the launch of a new orphanage project Gnahoré is developing in Côte d’Ivoire, and affirms her commitment to promoting positive change and opportunities for the next generation.


Zouzou, which means “Angel” in French, is Dobet Gnahoré’s seventh studio album and a vibrant celebration of African culture and identity. Gnahoré is a virtuosic singer, dancer, percussionist, and songwriter who has taken the modern Afropop sounds of her country in exciting new directions. Known for her jaw-dropping dance moves, powerful stage presence and richly emotional vocal style, Gnahoré has earned numerous accolades throughout her career, including a GRAMMY Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance in 2010 for her collaboration with singer India.Arie.


While Africa has blessed the world with many recognized female artists, Dobet Gnahoré has proven herself to be a truly special talent and her new album Zouzou demonstrates that she is at her creative prime. Known for her ability to infuse her music with soul-stirring energy and message-driven lyrics, Gnahoré showcases her incredible range as an artist in this new collection of songs. Through a combination of traditional and contemporary influences, she crafts a unique sound that is both distinct and accessible to audiences worldwide. Zouzou was produced by Momo Wang, aka Dr. Wang, one of Abidjan’s most in demand beat makers and producer for top international talents such as Malian R&B superstar Aya Nakamura, leading coupé-décale singer Ariel Sheney and many others.


After spending many years living in France, Gnahoré returned to her homeland in search of inspiration from the thriving music and arts scene of Abidjan, one of Africa’s largest and most creative cities. Along with Dr. Wang, Gnahoré turned to the innovative director Jyphael Tayorault along with a roster of her country’s top costume designers, makeup artists, dancers, and photographers to produce three music videos to accompany songs from her new album.


The album features an array of standout tracks that explore themes such as resilience, unity, and the power of community. Gnahoré’s dynamic vocal performance and skilled musicianship shine throughout the album, making Zouzou an unforgettable journey for listeners.


On the album’s title track, Dobet Gnahoré sings of her faith in the guardian angel that has stood by her throughout life’s challenges. “The presence of the angel was felt / The angel passed by I couldn't see him but I felt him / I felt it, I feel it with every beat of my heart the angel passed and took away my pain / He is with me, he does not abandon me / He is with you even if you do not believe in him / The angel has passed through our lives / The angel is present.”


On “Gni” Dobet sings of the power of water to nurture and inspire: “Near this river, love lives / Love flows like water / Let our hearts be filled with sweet thoughts near the river / The atmosphere is calm and peaceful / Silence is infinite / The imagination becomes fertile / Negativity is impossible / Love lives there.” The colorful music video for “Gni” was partially filmed at Lagune Aguien, a lake on the outskirts of Abidjan and in a nearby film studio. The video features scenes of Dobet dressed as a river goddess swimming in a pool of chocolate, a symbol of abundance and luxury. White-masked male dancers splash out their steps in bright pink water, then the waters turn orange for a group of female dancers dressed in blue bathing suits.  



On another standout track, “Ayoka,” Dobet expresses her gratitude for the natural world and the life it supports. “Thank you to the universe for its protection / Thank you to the wind for its oxygen / I give thanks to life for its gifts / When I am sitting outside and I see the magic of life / I am captivated, I am in awe / I'm stunned, I'm amazed.”



Zouzou follows her previous critically acclaimed Cumbancha album, Couleur (2021), and continues her tradition of celebrating African music and culture while addressing social issues close to her heart. With her evocative storytelling and powerful stage presence, Dobet Gnahoré remains a force in the global music scene. "Creating ' Zouzou has been an incredible journey for me," says Dobet Gnahoré. "This album is a reflection of my experiences and heritage, and I am thrilled to share it with the world. I hope listeners find inspiration and joy in the music."


Zouzou will be available on all major streaming platforms and in select music stores worldwide on June 28th.


To learn more about Dobet Gnahoré and her new album, visit



(More to be announced soon)

June 21             Chandler Center for the Arts                      Randolph, VT

June 23             Green River Festival                                      Greenfield, MA

June 25             Center for Music & the Arts                        Claremont, NH

June 26             Middlesex Bandstand                                  Middlesex, VT

June 27             Center for Arts at the Armory                   Sommerville, MA

June 28             Arts & Ideas                                                     New Haven, CT

June 29             Lincoln Center                                                New York, NY

July 2                 Joe’s Pub                                                          New York, NY
July 6                 Sunfest                                                             London, ON

July 7                 Sunfest                                                             London, ON

July 10               Levitt Amphitheater                                     Wilmington, DE

July 11               First Works                                                       Providence, RI
July 13               Blue Curtain Concerts                                  Princeton, NJ

July 17               Artown                                                              Reno, NV
July 18               Freight & Salvage                                          Berkeley, CA

July 19               Vancouver Folk Festival                               Vancouver, BC
July 20               Harrison Festival                                            Harrison Hot Springs, BC


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