CUMBANCHA (kōōm'bahn'chah')

n. 1. An impromptu gathering or party.

2. An acclaimed record label dedicated to presenting exceptional music from around the world.

[<Sp: Afro-Cuban slang of West African derivation.]

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Sergent Garcia burst onto the French music scene in the late 1990s with a searing blend of Jamaican reggae and dancehall with Latin grooves that he dubbed "salsamuffin." A veteran of French punk and indie rock, Sergent Garcia has explored his Spanish roots and passion for Caribbean and Latin music to create a popular sound that earned him fans across the globe and sales of hundreds of thousands of albums. Sergent Garcia's appealing "salsamuffin" hits and crowd-pleasing live shows helped him become a leading figure in the Latin Alternative movement and one of the biggest Latin music stars in Europe, Latin America and beyond.


The Cumbancha release Una Y Otra Vez finds Sergent Garcia traveling to Colombia to dive into what is currently the epicenter of some of the world's hottest sounds. With a plethora of standout tracks, Una y Otra Vez is an album that will surely be considered Sergent Garcia's best work of his career.

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