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Sangit is a producer, percussionist and songwriter from Israel whose passion for the sounds of the globe have led him to collaborate with a range of artists from different backgrounds and cultures. Sangit's debut album Librar was released as part of the Cumbancha Discovery series, which seeks to introduce exceptional new talent to international audiences. 

Blending the influences of African and Afro-Cuban roots music with jazz and funk, the desert yearning of 
Moroccan Gnawa trance music, mystical Ethiopian scales and Caribbean flavors, Sangit’s album Librar serves as an impressive introduction to this uniquely skilled musician, producer and composer. With his gift for collaboration, respect for great musical traditions and innovative production techniques, Sangit has created an inspiring collection of songs that mark the arrival of an extraordinary new talent on the global music scene.

Since 2012, Sangit has been creating a series of audio-visual collages as part of his Studio Sessions project, featuring dozens of musicians and dancers in each music video. Sangit embraces the collaborative, creative process of experimentation, allowing the music to write itself and evolve out of the ideas and styles of each musician. Musicians and dancers from a wide range of countries and cultures have participated in the sessions over the years, and each song is accompanied by a music video that captures the collaborative and multicultural nature of the project.

The collaborations have been collected into an album called Studio Sessions, which Cumbancha will release on November 12, 2021. The collection features highlights from Sangit’s Studio Sessions dating from 2012 to 2021, including a brand-new collaborative track and music video with Cumbancha artists from around the globe. The new song and video “Wee Kassa” features appearances by Cumbancha artists Dobet Gnahoré (Côte d’Ivoire), Daby Touré (Mauritania), Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars (Sierra Leone), Rocky Dawuni (Ghana), Sarazino (Algeria/Ecuador), Razia (Madagascar), Kimi Djabaté (Guinea-Bissau), Lakou Mizik (Haiti) and even a cameo by Cumbancha founder Jacob Edgar on trumpet.

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Sangit - "Wee Kassa" (Official Music Video)
Sangit - "La Musique Mon Soleil" (Official Music Video)
Sangit - "Vem Vem" (Official Music Video)
Sangit - "Another Day" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Sangit - "Cantar" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Sangit feat. Kadi Coulibaly & Adina Shine - "Anta La Balo" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Sangit "Ma Mamuso (feat. Kadi Coulibaly)" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO )
Sangit feat. Djely Tapa & Ali Overing "Child of a War" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)



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