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“Gnahoré has an extraordinary voice, and she wields it in so many unique and distinct ways that not only do we not get tired of hearing her, but it doesn’t even occur to us that we can’t understand the lyrics. Gnahoré’s voice has an extraordinary personality—one second she’s a diva, belting out R&B over a soft-rock backing of acoustic guitar and percussion, and the next she’s telling us how it is, ripping the mic right into her hands (or it sounds like she is, anyway) and preaching lyrics directly out of the stereo.”
– Bitch Magazine


GRAMMY-winner Dobet Gnahoré is one of Africa's hottest and most beloved talents. With her amazing voice, incredible dance moves, powerful presence, and colorful style sense, Dobet Gnahoré appeals to fans of Angelique Kidjo, Yemi Alade, Fatoumata Diawara and other divas of African music. 

While Africa has blessed the world with many recognized female artists, Dobet Gnahoré has proven herself to be a truly special talent. Hailing from Côte d’Ivoire, Dobet is a virtuosic singer, dancer, percussionist, and songwriter who has taken the modern Afropop sounds of her country in exciting new directions. Dobet is well-known for her jaw-dropping dance moves, powerful stage presence and richly emotional vocal style.

Although she earned her 2010 GRAMMY win from the gentle India.Arie collaboration “Pearls,” African superstar Dobet Gnahoré demonstrates her range with the powerful and danceable new single “Gni,” which was released worldwide by Cumbancha on September 22.


“Gni,” which means “River” in the Beté language of the Ivory Coast, Dobet’s native country, is the second single from her upcoming album Zouzou. Scheduled for release in February 2024, Zouzou was produced by Momo Wang, aka Dr. Wang, one of Abidjan’s most in demand beat makers and producer for top international talents such as Malian R&B superstar Aya Nakamura, leading coupé-décale singer Ariel Sheney and many others.

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Dobet Gnahoré - Gni (Official Music Video)
Dobet Gnahoré - "Ayoka" (Official Music Video)
Dobet Gnahoré - "Mi Pradjô" (Official Music Video)
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Dobet Gnahore - "Jalouse" (Official Music Video)
Dobet Gnahoré - "Vis Ta Vie" (Official Music Video)
Dobet Gnahoré - "Ma Maison" (Official Music Video)
Dobet Gnahoré - "Rédemption" (Official Music Video)




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