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Sergent Garcia, a heavyweight in the European mestizo music scene, returns with his first full- length album in five years with the groundbreaking Una y Otra Vez (Time and Time Again). A pioneer in blending the fiery Caribbean sounds of salsa, reggae, ska and dancehall with a punk attitude and continental style, Sergent Garcia's latest musical adventure finds him traveling to Colombia to dive into what is currently the epicenter of some of the world's hottest sounds. Una y Otra Vez marks this former rocker's return to his independent roots with a renewed creative energy.

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March 12, 2013 — 

Starting April 23rd, Sergent Garcia will be returning to the US for an eleven-date tour featuring the searing blend of Jamaican reggae and dancehall with Afro-Latin grooves that he’s dubbed "salsamuffin." The tour sees Garcia with his band The Cumbiamuffin All Stars performing in top markets including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, DC and Miami as well as headlinging slots on renowned festivals including two-nights at the Lafayette International Festival and the Houston International Festival. Read on for more info and a full list of dates.

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February 22, 2013 — 

Sergent Garcia returns with a video for the French reggae song "Meme Si" from the 2011 album "Una Y Otra Vez" on Cumbancha. The video was filmed in Venice Beach during El Sergento's July 2012 tour and is being released in the buildup to the upcoming US tour that starts on April 22, 2013.

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October 18, 2012 — 

Sergent Garcia's iconic single "Yo Soy Salsamuffin" from his 2011 Cumbancha album "Una y Otra Vez" has been deconstructed and re-envisioned by Pachanguito, a Sevilla-based DJ and musician.

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September 27, 2012 — 

Cumbancha celebrates by offering 25% off Una y Otra Vez at the Cumbancha Store with discount code GRAMMY

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Sergent Garcia on National Television in France

July 30, 2012 — 

Salsamuffin superstar Sergent Garcia has returned to Europe after a successful US and Canada tour and is now making the rounds of the European festivals. Check out this video on TFI, one of France's major national television stations, on the massive Tempo Latino festival. Bone up on your French and enjoy a brief glimpse of Sergent Garcia's amazing live show. To find out where you can still catch Sergent Garcia live this summer visit his tour page.

June 04, 2012 — 

The vibrant Latin sounds of Sergent Garcia are returning to North America this July for an 8 city tour, including San Diego's Asi Suena Latin Rock Fest, Madison's La Fête de Marquette and Montreal's Festival Nuits D'Afrique

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March 22, 2012 — 

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July 20, 2011 — 

Bold and brassy as ever, the mestizo music heavyweight Sergent Garcia announces the Una y Otra Vez Tour!

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