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There are certain people in life who have such a unique energy that it demands to be shared. Whether he appears solo or with his full band, Daby Touré never fails to astound audiences with his ethereal voice, masterful guitar work and catchy original songs. He illuminates the darkest of concert halls with his joyful performances and infectious love of music. A marvelous lyricist, composer of accessible melodic hooks, endearing performer and virtuoso guitarist, Daby Touré reaches deeply into the hearts of listeners with his approachable and unique style of music.


Daby Touré is a child of many worlds. A musical and linguistic polyglot, Touré creates an elegant sonic mixture that merges the linguistic inflections of the six languages he speaks. His music is a puzzle whose pieces, once assembled, form a comprehensive map of the world. It builds bridges between cultures, crossing borders and gives life to a poetic language and a universal sound.

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September 18, 2015 — 
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"Everyone’s favourite Paris-based Mauritanian singer- songwriter is back. With his wide-ranging voice, virtuosic guitar work, and knack for songwriting, Amonafi repositions Daby as a force to be reckoned with.” - Songlines

"Une musique universelle aux racines africaines." - Libération
"Un artiste d’une présence solaire." - Télérama
"Un album personnel où le wolof se frotte aux instruments occidentaux." - RFI

Daby Toure "Amonafi"
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September 17, 2015 — 

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From the upcoming Daby Touré album Amonafi out September 18 on Cumbancha.
Tiré du nouvel album de Daby Touré Amonafi Sortie le 18 Septembre
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June 09, 2015 — 

A Singer and Songwriter with a Global Perspective, Daby Touré Brings a Storyteller's Voice to Amonafi.

“From the first time you hear it, prepare to hum along, tap your toes, and be mesmerised by Daby’s infectious brand of global soultinged pop.” - BBC


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Amonafi, the title of Daby Touré’s new album, means "once upon a time" in the West African language Wolof, and reflects Touré's desire to weave stories with a fresh perspective on the past, present and future of Africa. "I wanted to present my vision of Africa’s history," says Touré, "Its relationship to the world, what really happened, not peddle the same old platitudes and non-truths." Beyond a tribute to Mother Africa, where Touré was born in 1975, one can hear in this assertion a wish to break free from the aesthetics of another era.


Touré refuses to embrace the mantle of the "traditional" musician, a role that many would like him to play. The singer has always shown a love for pop: Stevie Wonder, The Police, Michael Jackson, artists who first triggered his desire to become a musician. Touré chooses to speak with his own voice, follow his instincts, and allow his work to honestly reflect the multiple influences that irrigate his identity. On Amonafi, which will be released in North America on September 18th, Touré's singular vision reveals a complex yet approachable sound, one that defies expectations and stereotypes of what it means to be an African artist today.


Born in Mauritania and raised in Senegal, Daby Touré has now lived more than half his life in Paris. Raised between two cultures, this "Afropean" fully embraces his dual nationality. Neither one nor the other, Daby Touré is a citizen of the world in perpetual reconfiguration. Touré Touré, the group he founded in the late 1990s with his cousin Omar, was already a first step towards his goal to build bridges between Africa and the world. In the early 2000s, he was on the roster of Peter Gabriel's label, Real World before perceiving that the label's well-defined sound and image became a straitjacket for a musician eager for artistic freedom. It was time for a change. "Of course I carry Africa inside me, I sing in languages of West Africa: Fulani, Soninke, Wolof. But with this new album, I approach what I like most: soul, pop, music we can sing beyond borders."


His fifth album marks the continuation of a solo career that began ten years ago. Amonafi alternates between bittersweet songs and more playful ones, moving from flavors of folk and soul to upbeat Afropop. Touré is an unclassifiable author and prolific composer, a subtle singer, a multi-instrumentalist who has made this new record almost entirely by himself. Working at his home studio, Daby Touré is as much an artist as a craftsman. In Amonafi listeners can sense an identity in transit, one moving away from clichés. It's a fitting image for the soundtrack, a series of little stories, which paint an image of a creative mind that is always in action.

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