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March 07, 2012 — 

What kind of music would come from a person who was born the son of a diplomat in Algeria, raised in various West African countries, educated in Montreal and has called Quito, Ecuador home for the last ten years? While the answer might surprise you, it certainly won’t disappoint – Sarazino’s music takes an exotic array of ingredients, throws them into a musical pot and the result is spicy, a feast for the senses and leaves you wanting more. On May 22 (May 28 in some territories), Cumbancha will release Sarazino’s album, Everyday Salama, featuring an array of international guests and 15 upbeat, irresistibly catchy songs that reflect Sarazino’s multitudinous influences.


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For Everyday Salama, Lamine Fellah, the mastermind, creative force and alter-ego of Sarazino, asked some his favorite artists to join him in a celebration of cross-cultural musical collaboration. Nearly every song features guest vocalists and musicians, yet rather then a mish-mosh of sounds, Sarazino keeps the album tightly together with his accessible reggae-inspired beats and instantly memorable melodies.


The album opens appropriately with “El Fugitivo” (The Fugitive), which Sarazino describes as “a song for the cosmopolitan traveler - for those who have no flag. Its a song about the price that must be paid for real freedom.” Lead vocals are shared with Amparo Sanchez, a Spanish singer best known as the leader for the pioneering mestizo band Amparanoia. Track 2, “Caminaré Por Babylon” (I Will Walk Through Babylon), with its ukulele backbeat, Latin grooves, sonic effects and lyrical content will remind many listeners of Manu Chao, one of Sarazino’s clearest influences and inspirations. Leading Jamaican reggae band Rootz Underground joins Sarazino on “Lunes Vudu,” a surefire radio hit with a chorus that’s stickier then a sweaty tank top on a hot Caribbean day.


Rare is the album in which every track is a winner, but Sarazino has created one memorable song after another for Everyday Salama. The hits keep coming with “Es Mi Momento” (Its My Moment), featuring Ecuador-based Nigerian rapper Niyo Pumpin, a fresh new discovery that makes numerous appearances on the album. Sarazino sings of his desire to see all of the places in the world he has yet to visit, “From Cape Town to Cairo’s streets / Playing in Malabo / From Mostar to Belgrade / Zumbahua, Port Antonio / Where I have never been before / From the top of Aconcagua to a party in Managua / Chicago, Manila / It’s my moment!” It’s a sing-along anthem that is destined to make regular appearances at soccer stadiums worldwide.


In an album filled with highlights it difficult to single out individual tracks, but standouts will surely include the title track, Sarazino’s silky duet with Sabina Sciubba, the lead singer for über-hipster New York indie band Brazilian Girls. Also making appearances are Afro-Peruvian electronica pioneers Novalima and sultry Brazilian singer Luísa Maita, . African stars Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars join Sarazino on “Vagaré” (I Will Wander), a song about roaming the world in search of love. The album closes with the heartfelt “Africa Viva”, a tribute to the continent where Lamine Fellah was born and raised.


Sarazino will be touring the US and Canada in May and July 2012 and Europe in August. Find the full up-to-date listing of shows on Sarazino's Tour Page





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