Bombino Fundraiser for Community Space 

November 21, 2012 — 

World-renowned guitar hero Omara “Bombino” Moctar is raising money to furnish a community rehearsal and performance studio in his hometown of Niamey, Niger. This will be a free, public rehearsal space for young musicians to develop their craft, as well as Niamey's professional musicians to hone theirs. Following the end of the Second Tuareg Rebellion in 2008 (during which guitars were banned) the music scene in Niger has been blossoming. However, in Niamey fully equipped rehearsal spaces are virtually non-existent and certainly not accessible to most musicians and would-be young musicians.


Bombino’s goal is to raise funds to purchase this equipment:

-Full drumkit

-PA system (2 speakers, mixing board, cables)

-2 guitar amps

-1 bass amp

-4 microphones and cables


**Due to the prohibitive shipping costs (and shipping time) associated with sending items to Niger it would be easiest to just purchase this equipment in West Africa as opposed to having contributors from abroad mailing individual items**


If you are unable to provide a monetary donation to this campaign, please consider sharing this campaign with friends.


You can click here to see more details and view the different levels of contributions that you can make to this campaign. If you haven't yet heard Bombino's debut album Agadez click here to stream it in full.